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What we do

  • We advocate gender equality in science
  • We monitor gender equality in science in the Czech Republic
  • We issue positions on research policies in the Czech Republic from the perspective of gender equality
  • We offer cultural and institutional change to public research and higher education institutions (gender action plans based on gender audit)
  • We write open letters on concrete aspects of gender equality, such as the percentage of women in decision-making positions in science
  • We participate in public consultations in the Czech Republic and at the European level
  • We organize a mentoring programme for secondary school female students with an interest in technical and natural sciences
  • We present top women scientists
  • We work to popularise science
  • We contribute to organizing the Milada Paulova Award (on behalf of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports)

Our research

  • Gender sociology of institutions
  • Transformations of the academic environment and research in contemporary societies
  • The combination of professional and private lives
  • The launch of the academic career path: mobility and job precarity
  • Research assessment and excellence from a gender perspective
  • Sexual harassment in higher education
  • Critical analysis and the formation of policies of equal opportunities in science and research in the Czech Republic


Recent publications