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The National Contact Centre for Gender and Science has organised the Researchers’ Night since the launch of European Researchers’ Night in 2005. The Researchers’ Night is a space to explore new communication possibilities between the scientific community and engaged citizens. We strive to build critical debates about gender and knowledge making, the knowledge society, the role of science in society and the responsibility science has toward society and nature.

2015 Researchers’ Night: Inclusion or Exclusion of Suffix -ová


The 11th Researchers’ Night took place on 25 Sep 2015. This year we hosted a panel debate regarding the inclusion or exclusion of the surname suffix –ová for married Czech women. Our guests were gender linguist Jana Valdrová, Czech public TV sports commentator Robert Záruba and weekly Respekt reporter Silvie Lauder. The debate was moderated by Michaela Trtíková Vojtková. To see pictures click here.

2014 Researchers’ Night: Sexual harassment in academia

The 10th Researchers’ Night took place on 26. 9. 2014. This year we focused on sexual harassment in academia. Our guests were: Miroslav Jašurek, Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University, Irena Smetáčková, Faculty of Education, Charles University, and Jaroslav Bielčík, the Czech Technical University in Prague. The discussion was moderated by Tereza Jiroutová Kynčlová. For more see a link here.

2013 Researchers’ Night: On the brim of a smog season

The 9th Researchers’ Night, which took place on 27. 9. 2013, focused on air pollution. Debates centred on the effects of air pollution on human health, its economic impact and how scientific knowledge in this area is communicated to the public and (not) reflected in public policies, to be concrete in the recently adopted Act on Air Protection. For more see a link here.

2012 Researchers Night

2012 Researchers’ Night: Men in the spotlight, women in the shadows of science?

The 2012 Researchers’ Night looked into the position of women in Czech science, and especially in leadership positions. Why are women often overshadowed by their male colleagues? Why are they so few women among Deans, Rectors, and Directors of institutes of the Academy of Sciences or in the presidiums of grant agencies? Photos from 2012 Researcher's Night.


2011 Researchers’ Night: Behind the mirror of knowledge society: researchers as human resources?

For the fourth time in 2011 the Researchers’ Night was dedicated to knowledge society, which we explored from the perspective of researchers as human resources, a concept that has taken a firm root in science policies together with other managerial tools. How does this notion clash or comply with the traditional notion of academic community and identity? Can human resources be mined? Do early-stage researchers good conditions to start their scientific careers? Are they faced with traditional academic hierarchies or uncertainty and precarity? Or both? Photos from the 2011 Researchers' Night.


2010 Researchers Night invitation

2010 Researchers’ Night: Knowledge transformations: Behind the mirror of knowledge society III

In 2010 we continued the debates launched in 2008, critically examining problems related to the concept of knowledge society. We were particularly interested in the alternatives to current policies which build on the privatization of the public sphere, and discussed the ways in which citizens can get engaged in shaping the public space. Guests in these debates were researchers who deal with these issues in their research and teaching work and who are also active participants in public debates and discussion. Photos from the 2010 Researchers' Night.


2009 Researchers’ Night: Knowledge transformations: Behind the mirror of knowledge society II

The first topic was the various ways in which knowledge can be used, the second which is closely related to the shifts in contemporary science landscapes was the academic path. In their contributions and discussions the guests focused on the position of early stage researchers and the issues they face, their role in research and their professional outlook in contemporary research environment. The guests were sociologists Marcela Linková and Tereza Stöckelová and molecular biologists Petr Svoboda and Štěpánka Vaňáčová. Photos from the 2009 Researchers' Night.


2008 Researchers Night invitation

2008 Researchers’ Night: Knowledge transformations: Behind the mirror of knowledge society

Invited guests presented sociological and philosophical views of knowledge society in relation to the changing role of universities and science in society. They also critically explored the roles that universities and science today play in society, and the alternatives that one will not find in policy documents or only on the margins. They also discussed the relationship between science and the public and the possibilities and opportunities for engaging public in decisions about applications and directions of science and research.


2007 Researchers’ Night: Academic work under communism? Science at the time of five year plans, scientific progress and women’s emancipation

What was the experience of women researchers who entered the academia in the 1950s and 1960? What was their path to scientific work? What was science like in everyday practices? Were they able to build international collaborations and how did this work under communism? In what ways did they tackle the roles that society expected from them? How did they manage to combine their professional and private lives? These were the questions that were discussed on 28 September 2007 by women researchers from the natural sciences as well as humanities.

2006 European Researchers’ Night: Memory of places/places of memory

To discuss issues such as “Do places have their memory?”, “Who and how shapes it and why are some things excluded from it?”, “How does the memery of our places change in time?”, “What does landscape say about people who have lived there?”, we invited literary theoretician Daniela Hodrová, geologist and essayist Václav Cílek, sociologist Hana Librová, philosophers Miroslav Petříček and Petr Rezek and social anthropologist Jakub Grygar. The Researchers’ Night was moderated by Josef Greš, editor at the Hospadarske Noviny daily. To conclude the evening, a film by Lucie Králová titled Überdwarf was featured. Photos from the 2006 Researchers' Night

2005 European Researchers’ Night: Sleep and Dreaming

In 2005 the Researchers’ Night was subtitled “evening dedicated to sleep and dreaming”. Foremost experts in sleep research accepted our invitation to discuss sleep and dreams: Prof. MUDr. Soňa Nevšímalová DrSc., Prof. MUDr. Karel Šonka DrSc.a MUDr. Iva Příhodová from the Centre for Sleep and Waking Disorders at the Neurological Clinic of the 1st Medical Faculty and General Teaching Hospital in Prague, and psychoanalyst PhDr. Lucká form the Czech Society for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy who discussed the importance and understanding of dreams in psychoanalysis.